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Is-Swieqi is originated from the Maltese word “saqa” which means water flow channel. This locality falls under Is-Swieqi, Ibrag and Madliena. Its populations are approximately 8200 which includes 700 elderly.

The emblem of Is-Swieqi is divided with a cross of St. Andrew which is of silver. The zig zag red motif and the golden colour indicste the valleys and fields of Ibrag. The blue waves indicate the water flow of Is-Swieqi “saqa”. Madliena is indicated with the red letter M.

The area’s quiet environment and central location have made it popular with the upper-middle/high class population of the island. Vacant property in this area is scarce. Swieqi has seen its population rise over the years. It accommodated 8,099 people as of November 2005; a small number of service industries, IT facilities and English language schools have taken root.

The municipality of Swieqi assimilates Swieqi, Tal-Ibraġ, Madliena and part of St. Andrews. Madliena and St. Andrew’s originally formed part of Ħal Għargħur. The hamlet of Madliena owes its origin to the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalen, which was built in the 15th century. Tal-Ibraġ is a newly developed hamlet which, over the past decade, has almost reached its maximum development potential. St. Andrew’s is on the outskirts of Swieqi at the border with the locality of Pembroke. The town’s coat of arms features a red and gold zig-zag motif indicating the valleys and fields of Tal-Ibraġ, blue waves indicating the watering courses (swieqi in Maltese) and a silver saltire. Madliena is indicated with the red letter M. Swieqi has its own local council, and in 2007 it had its own postal code instated (SWQ….). The town fell under the jurisdiction of St. Julian’s, Birkirkara, San Ġwann, Naxxar and Ħal Għargħur at different times in its history.